Accounts Hosted Backups Deletion

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Notice: Accounts Hosted Backups Deletion

As you will be aware, Reckon Accounts Hosted users are responsible for creating their own backups via File Menu > Save Copy or Backup. Over the years, there has been a large build-up of backup files stored on the Reckon Hosted system.

To ensure the best possible Reckon Accounts Hosted experience for you and all customers, all backup (QBB) files that were over 365 days old were automatically deleted on the 28th of May.  Further automatic deletions will be performed on an ongoing quarterly basis.

For information and steps on how to download your Reckon Accounts Hosted Backup (QBB) files, please click here. The terms and conditions have been updated to reflect the above changes, please review the latest copy here.

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The Reckon Team


Please contact our office if you require more information about the notice from Reckon.