RAM Business Authorisation Renewal


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Do you use the Business Portal?
If so, you may not be aware that your RAM Business Authorisation only lasts 12 Months.

What is RAM?
RAM Business Authorisation allows you to have authority to login into the Business Portal and also allows you to authorise other people to act through the business portal for your business.

How to renew your RAM Business Authorisation:
If you are a primary person and your authorisation is close to expiring, you will receive an email with a link reminding you to renew your business authorisation before it expires. A notification will also appear if you log into RAM. You can renew your authorisation from 40 days before the expiry date.

To renew your authorisation, you can follow the following steps:
1. Click on the link you receive in your email or go to https://authorisationmanager.gov.au/#/login and log in
2. Select View or Manage Authorisations, machine credentials and cloud software notifications
3. Select Renew next to the relevant business name
4. Review the renewal details – you can choose an earlier end date if required
5. Accept the declaration and submit

Does this affect other people I have given authorisation to act for my business using RAM?
Renewal does not affect the authorisations you have set up for others, however their authority to act for your business will also expire after 12 months. You will need to renew their authority in the same way as you renew your own authority, except you will need to click on the person’s name after you select the relevant business (you can choose multiple users and renew at the same time) and then follow the same steps.

What if I do not renew in time and the link expires?
If you do not renew the link before the expiry date, you will need to re-authorise the user or link yourself again as the primary person.

Should you have any queries in relation to renewing your RAM authorisation, please contact our office.