Change is coming to HHH Partners

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At HHH Partners, we’re proud of our heritage and long-standing relationships with our clients, but we also know how to move with the times. As specialists in accounting and taxation, we’re continually assessing how best to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

After 36 years of leading HHH Partners, Frank is now stepping back from operational duties and in doing so has stepped down as director of HHH Partners. Cassandra Simpson and Craig Wilkes, who have 17- and 20-years’ experience respectively, will be working closely with Frank, Alison & Janice to ensure his valued clients receive the same reliable, quality services and personal attention to detail.

This step down from Director duties will allow Frank more time to focus on expanding the Succession and Estate Planning side of our business. His experience and passion have allowed him to develop a specialist knowledge of this area, which has been assessed as a growing need for many of our clients.

If you have any concerns about the upcoming change to Frank’s role at HHH Partners, please contact Frank on his direct line: 07 4930 0658.

At HHH Partner’s we understand change. But there’s one thing that will never change: we will always be part of your team.