07 Feb, 2020 Payroll Tax

January Payroll Tax Return

21 Feb, 2020 BAS, PAYG

Monthly Reporters
January BAS
January PAYG Withholding

28 Feb, 2020 BAS, PAYG

Quarterly Reporters
October, November, December BAS
October, November, December PAYG Withholding

28 Feb, 2020 Activity Statements

Annual GST Return or Information report if no ITR lodgement obligations

28 Feb, 2020 Instalment Activity Statement

Non-Primary Production Producers – IAS 2nd payment due

28 Feb, 2020 Income Tax Returns

Due date for lodging and payment 2018 new superannuation funds 2018 Income Tax Returns

– As some dates may vary, please ensure you contact the Australian Taxation Office to double check any dates in question.
– When the due date for lodgment or payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, it may be done on the next business day.